15 December, 2016. 14:34

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Rather than hurl his Big & Tall™ bespoke suits into the Sanctuary Cove charity clothing bin, former parliamentarian Clive Palmer has reached out to one-time rival George Christensen with a very generous offer.

Since retiring from public life, Mr Palmer is midway through his inspiring weight-loss journey that’s seen him shed over 49kg – akin to shrugging jockey Hugh Bowman off your back.

This has presented Clive with a problem. None of his old clothes fit anymore.

“I spoke to George the other day,” Palmer told The Advocate this morning. “I asked him if he wanted any of my old suits and whatnot. We were roughly the same size at the start of the year and I’d hate to see all of my old suits go to waste.”

“Whatever side of politics a man is, he deserves to look his best when he’s doing it!”

Citing ‘strict self-control’ and ‘discipline in regard to portion control and healthy dining’, 62-year-old has received widespread support on his journey on social media.

However, The Advocate has yet to receive comment on the alleged ‘hand-me-down’ deal from the Christensen camp.

His media advisor explained that it’s hard to coax George off his jet ski at this time of year, but he remained hopeful that he’d be able to provide comment this afternoon before his nap.

More to come.


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