The rapidly growing membership of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has stalled over the weekend, as distressed voters find themselves confused and even angry by her recent ABC interview where she praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In an attempt to emulate President Trump’s brand of political shock, Ms Hanson said President Putin was ‘very patriotic towards his country’

“The people love him, he is doing so well for the country,” he said.

“So many Australians here want that leadership here in Australia. They want a leader here to stand up for the people and fight for this nation.

When asked if she thought these comments might offend the family members of the 38 Australians killed after the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, Pauline Hanson said that she hadn’t thought of that, and proceeded to question his involvement in the disaster to save face.

“Did he push the button?” she asked.

Local storeman and, until Saturday, devout One Nation supporter, Tony Oakey (55) says he doesn’t feel comfortable with Pauline Hanson’s newfound love of ‘snow wogs’.

“She’s jumped the shark. I didn’t vote for her into the senate for her to turn around and make me embrace a culture I don’t know anything about”

“That’s not why we voted for you Pauline. Aussies don’t like Russians, stop saying shit like that”

Tony told our supporters the fears he inherited from his father surrounding communism were almost as prevalent as his fears he inherited from the Daily Telegraph surrounding Islam.

“She can’t pick and choose. It’s either hate everyone or love everyone. And I’m sick of being told to love people”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull responded to Ms Hanson’s comments during a press conference in Queensland on Sunday.

“What the fuck” he said to reporters from the Dalby Herald.

“That’s a bit full on”

“I would say, shut the hell up Pauline and focus on trying to bring polio back into Aussie households. That seems to be your thing nowadays”

Ms Hanson has indeed actually focused her attention to bringing polio and other extinct illnesses back, after spruiked a lack of trust in government-supported immunisation, using the anti-vaccination line that no one cared about her children more than their parents, and urged people to “do their own research”.


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