6 March, 2017. 12:23

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There is a man who works for a local IT business who is normal in every other way, save for the fact that he enjoys drinking his tea with milk.

As his disgusted co-workers look on, Johnathon Tabernacle often leaves his desk around 11 each morning to fix himself a cuppa. For the most part, he fishes his mug out from the cupboard and drops a Dilmah in with some boiling water.

He doesn’t even let it sit.

With the rest of his office dry retching has the 37-year-old doesn’t skip a beat as he retrieves his full-cream milk from the fridge, the sociopath introduces the cold milk to his boiling tea – leaving a thin curd film on top that often gets stuck between his teeth.

“If you put milk in your tea, you have rocks in your head,” said a coworker.

“But he takes it to a whole other level. He’s good at his job and he’s not a bad bloke, but fuck me. When he has those curds stuck in his teeth and he’s carrying on, it creates a real gun-in-mouth type scenario. He’s fucked in the head.”

In 2011, the Fair Work Commission and a local court concluded that an employee of a Longreach service centre was not guilty of an alleged violent assault that stemmed from an argument over putting milk in tea.

An apprentice of the service centre had 24-inch breaker bar wrapped around his head after trying to explain to a fellow mechanic that putting milk in your tea is disgusting and unAustralian.

The tribunal decided that he was totally within his rights to use force after the man tried to force him to drink the tainted tea.

More to come.


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