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Iranian-born Labor senator Sam Dastyari was approached by a group of patriots in a Melbourne pub last night who then decided to film themselves hurling racially-charged insults at the politician.

Through the three minute video, the patriots in question repeatedly tell Mr Dastyari to ‘go home to Iran’ while the practising socialist repeatedly explains that he doesn’t have time for ‘UPF racists’.

However, many of the patriots in the video have expressed their anger at being labelled racists and for being lumped in the United Patriots Front – they’re from another completely different group called ‘Patriot Blue’.

The Advocate spoke to a gentleman claiming to represent the group a short time ago after he kicked the door in at our Melbourne bureau we share with Launceston’s tabloid daily, The Examiner.

“We are not racist patriots like the UPF, we are just patriots,” said one Patriot Blue spokesman, who asked to remain anonymous as ‘it would cost him his job if his boss knew he was a patriot’.

“Mate, watch the video and then tell me we’re racist. We’re an anti-grub organisation. That Shane Dastyari is a grub. He took Chinese money and continues to take taxpayer money. Resignation now!”

He then spat on the floor and rubbed it into the carpet with his Mack Truck branded boot.

“Anyway, fuck you cunts, I’m outta here.”

Moments after storming out of our Ascot Vale Rd hot desk space, the man, who we can identify as Michael Sock of Bendigo, threw a rock at a passing bus before running off down Puckle St.

The Advocate reached out to Mr Dastyari’s office for comment and received a prompt reply.

“Yeah guys, they were racist patriots,” said Dastyari.

“I’m a bit busy at the moment, I’ll email you a full statement by COB.”

More to come.



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