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Move over Andrew Bogut! There’s a new sport young Australian men are streaming to their laptops and tablets at work now.

Zac Willis, a popular and marginally successful local agency art director, says he agrees with the notion that streaming sport to a device while at work is fine – as long as it’s basketball or association football.

But today, today the 29-year-old made an exception.

“It’s actually pretty good,” he said.

“I’m entertained and the skill level is much better than I was expected. It wasn’t like watching the Cavs play the Nets one day then watch the Kings play the Crocs the next,”

“It’s a great standard of cricket and I’ve got some odd but reassuring looks from people around the office. I’ve been tonguing for a bit of decent cricket and it looks like I’ve found it. Bring on The Ashes.”

The cricket that Mr Willis is referring to is the first day-night Test in the Women’s Ashes series, which is currently underway at in the Harbour Capital.

Australia won two of the past three encounters with the English girls with the Australians looking to ‘really put the foot down’ and dominate the remaining games in the series.

When asked if he’d consider streaming Women’s Cricket again in the future, Zack said he’d be streaming the game again tomorrow.

“I will 100% get around this format of cricket. I love cricket,” he said.

“I’ve suffered through the soap opera that is the fucking men’s team for months now. This is a nice refreshing take on the game. Everybody looks like they’re having fun.”

More to come.



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