Local patriot Wyatt Wergonclasman (59) says he doesn’t know what’s happened to this country.

He says we used to be proud of being Aussie, and wouldn’t let anyone walk all over us – especially not these lefties with all of their leftie do-gooding.

“Whatever happened to being a proud Aussie?” he asks.

“Once upon a time all of these leftie actors and singers would be 100% behind Pauline Hanson. Instead of condemning her”

Wyatt says songs like Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel, and Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil remind him of a time when Aussies weren’t being made to feel guilty about things he had nothing to do with.

“Khe Sanh is a good Aussie song. No one makes music like that anymore”

“Or the Oil! Real Aussie rock. I went to every one of their shows back in the day”

Back when all the hippies were listening to their hippy shit in the seventies and eighties, Wyatt was going to pub rock gigs and being proud to be an Aussie. He says the PC police have too much power nowadays and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing someone trying to ram their political beliefs down your throat.

The fact almost every single one of Midnight Oil’s most records carry anti-colonial, anti-capitalist undertones appears lost on Wyatt. As does the fact that the lead singer of his favourite band also was a Federal Labor MP.

“Fuckk… Blue Sky Mine. Wasn’t that a good track”

When steered back to the conversation of Australian politics, Wyatt says the fact that the bourbon and cola he is drinking costs $7.50 is enough proof that this country has gone to shit.

“Mate do you know how fucking expensive it is to own two cars and a house in the outskirts of Brisbane. These Muslims aren’t fucken helping!”

Bryson says what upsets him the most is that the Southern lefties from Melbourne and New South Wales are controlling everything that happens in the world.

“Mate, they tried to make me get up earlier with daylight savings the cunts”

“How the fuck does that shit work anyway? Like you get to get off work early? Or you just have to get up earlier? I’m glad we stayed strong up here and kept the normal, Australian time”

“Anyway. Until the major parties can find a way to lower diesel prices for my cars, I’m gonna keep voting for Pauline”


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