Gladys Berejiklian has reportedly spent some time sniffing around the Opera House this morning, looking for somewhere else to piss away billions of dollars.

Other members within the party have revealed to The Advocate today that the Premier is not content with spending just $2 billion demolishing and rebuilding the two major football stadiums in Sydney, so is looking for other fully functional public assets to pour cash into

A senior cabinet member who wished to remain off the record told us that Berejiklian has been eyeing off one of the most expensive public buildings in Australian history, and has already reached out to contractors to see how much bigger she can make it.

“I’m all for lining pockets with developers and construction companies money, but shit like this costs us elections and makes it awfully hard to keep our jobs,” the insider said.

“Like I don’t even know how she has sold it so far. ANZ stadium was built like 17 years ago. If she wanted to get some political points to go with it she should have just said there will be more trains running so people don’t have to herd like cattle for hours to get home after a game.”

Political commentators have blasted the decision to rebuild the stadiums citing a whole raft of areas far more deserving of taxpayer money like schools, hospitals and grass roots funding for sports.

Stuart from Penrith spoke to The Betoota Advocate today, he says it’s great and all and maybe a few people will go to some more games, but pointed out that his kids go to the local public school which is essentailly a tent army og demountables and he reckons Gladys could probably spend that coin slightly better.


  1. Not to be out done, Almost re-elected Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palu-Pala-Palaszczuk has said, when the Electoral Commission of Queensland final fudge the results for her Governments re-election, the whole of the Gold Coast will be demolished after the Commonwealth Games.

    In it’s place a replica of Las Vegas will be built, with Casino Pyramids and everything.

    It’s a State Pride thing, can’t have those Cockroaches beating us in pissing away Public Monies.


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