And just like that, Warren Mundine has vanished from any of the Liberal Party’s campaign material and media appearances in the lead up to the Indigenous Voice referendum.

This comes as Warren Mundine, one of the leading media figures who opposes the upcoming Indigenous Voice Referendum, has slipped up and revealed some personal views that don’t sit that well with the Liberal and National Party heavyweights that are paying for his flights and hotels.

Mundine, a Bundjalung man, has expressed support for changing the date of Australia Day, and proposing a TREATY between government and First Nations people.

These comments clash severely with the views of the non-Indigenous conservative politicians and the non-Indigenous billionaires (who are definitely not white supremacists) that are bankrolling the No Campaign.

It appears that Warren has forgotten the entire premise of the No Campaign, which is to not give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a fucken thing, let alone a Voice to Parliament.

And as we are learning with the No Campaign, it is an unforgivable offence to even mention some other alternative processes that might help close the gaps in health, life expectancy and education faced by Indigenous people.

This kind of practical thinking conflicts with the overall mission, which is to do nothing and maintain these social issues.

Mundine has since been removed from any No Campaign material like the opponents of Josef Stalin were subject to visual censorship during the political purges of the Soviet Union.

His Liberal Party career-ruinin gaffe comes just days after the Coalition’s only other Indigenous ambassador, Jacinta Price, boldly declared to the National Press Club that there there are “no ongoing negative impacts” of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Price’s comment seems the clash directly with the Liberal Party’s reluctant admission that Indigenous people do indeed face disadvantages and disparities in health and education.

Unfortunately for both spokespeople, these gaffes have only accelerated their expendability in the eyes of the conservative political class who are ready to ditch them as quickly as they turned them into temporary household names.

Senior sources within the NSW Liberals have indicated that Warren Mundine ‘has made it very hard for himself’ to be considered for the party’s soon-to-be available seat in the Federal senate – which may have been the only reason he was undermining this entire referendum in the first place.


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