A 55-year-old who spent a big part of the eighties looking for gay men to bash at local parks says he was almost considering lending his vote to marriage equality, until ‘these people’ tried to make him feel a certain way.

Bradley, a prominent football manager at his medium-sized coastal hometown, says his past behaviour of going poofter bashing for fun has nothing to do with his current opinions towards the Federal Goverment’s same-sex marriage postal vote.

“It was a different time back then” he said.

“You weren’t made to feel a certain way about people who were different to you. The cops would do it too”

That part of Brad’s life is way behind him now, and he says no one he knows has been bashing shirtlifter since the local boys accidentally killed a German backpacker in 1989 after he ended up being thrown off a 70-foot ocean cliffs in the heat of the moment.

“Bamarama’s not the same anymore” he says.

“Those boys learnt their lesson. It never happened again. Most of them were forced to leave town. This has got nothing to do with my views on traditional marriage”

Brad, who has never married, and has an obscure take on men’s fashion, says the 88 gay men that were either bashed to death or thrown of cliffs to drown between the eighties and nineties in his town and surrounding beaches has nothing to do with his recent decision to vote no against same-sex marriage.

“Mate, I had no problem with it until they tried to force themselves onto me”

“Try and tell me what to do and how to think. Fuck that”

“It’s tough luck mate, they’ve done it to themselves”




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