2 May, 2017. 13:23

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A prominent regional Australian went on popular ABC program Q&A last night, where his political and social stance on a smorgasbord of issues was openly mocked and ridiculed by a team of soft-left commentators.

The Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce revealed to The Advocate late last night that he’s only just finished taking the words out of his mouth that ABC presenter Tony Jones was trying to put in there last night.

Speaking candidly, Joyce said he doesn’t really like visiting the Ultimo Kremlin, put somebody in his party has to.

“You know, it’s just something you need to do when you’re the D-PM, you have to talk to people who don’t like you,” said Joyce as he unwound last night over a few News in the pokie room of the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel.

“Look, I’ve got nothing against Tony and what he stands for. This country needs Chardonnay socialists with dead fish handshakes just as much as it needs anyone else. But yeah, I kinda knew I was going to get a bit of a bashing last night, but fuck it. I don’t care. I don’t think anyone was surprised with Tony’s conduct last night.”

However, a number of prominent ABC lifers hit back at Joyce’s remarks, calling them ‘out of touch’ and ‘inflammatory’.

Q&A host Tony Jones spoke to The Advocate a short time ago to explain that Joyce doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“Oh my God, every time we have somebody from the country on my show, it always ends like this,” said a cross-legged Jones.

“But I get that the farmers are important and so on like ‘hashtag thank a farmer’ blah blah blah but can they really be that backwards? Perhaps it’s the lack of fluoride in their rainwater tanks but their way of life is starting to affect us Balmain folk now. The climate is ruined. I hope Barnaby knows that!”

“Thank God Malcolm is one of us. We’d have literally like no funding if he wasn’t writing the cheques!”

More to come.


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