Senator Malcolm Roberts’ well-known interest in conspiracy theories has today been epitomised by his willingness to believe the floor of his Parliamentary office is a ‘rational debate about climate science’.

It is believed that during a rare interview with a news provider that doesn’t feature a crosshair in their website logo, Roberts was rattled by the suggestion that the floor was a sound and rational discussion about how humans are responsible for the destruction of planet earth through unsustainable industrial pollution and overpopulation.

Having met several dead ends during an interview about carbon pricing, Buzzfeed Political Editor, Mark Di Stefano made the bold decision to mislead the Senator into thinking that the floor was the rational climate debate he was trying so desperately to avoid.

“The floor is empirical data, Mr Roberts” said Di Stefano.

“It’s a rational, open-minded discussion about climate change”

Within seconds Mr Roberts is believed to have jumped on top of a random stool in the centre of his office.

“Too bad I’m not on the floor! Ah ha!” shouted Roberts.

“Take your communist de-industrialist nonsense elsewhere!”

“Now, lets talk about Muslims”

Mr Roberts was next seen hanging from the curtains on his office windows after being told the stool was an admission that not all Muslims are terrorists.


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