An acquaintance that is roughly the same age as you from your regional hometown has today given insight into a snippet of the drama that is currently rocking the district.

Tyceon (pronounced Tyson) Bartlett has today accused certain members of the insular small town of ‘talking shit’ behind his back, one of the most cowardly things you can do in townie communities.

The rise of social media in small towns like the one you grew up in has resulted in townies having revolutionary access to a large audience at any given time. It is often used to show off photos of their toddler son’s new haircut which features illustrations shaved into the side with clippers.

Female townies are often seen berating their ex- partners, or sometimes even current partners for irresponsible parenting and poor management of finances – before inevitably moving on with life and sometimes even combining Facebook accounts.

In almost all circumstances, the distressed social media users often find support from either equally aggressive friends who tell it how it is, or family members who want to know if they are ok and need someone to chat to.

However, when it comes to the current drama, Tyceon is far from done with these dogs – and this issue will almost certainly be resolved at the showgrounds next saturday.

“You got something to say then say it to my face kuntz” writes Tyceon, who hasn’t revealed too much about what was said, but a quick phone call back home to friends closer to him could unravel much more to the story.


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