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A local buyers agent contacted The Advocate this afternoon regarding something she did this morning that she’s sure nobody has done consciously before.

She turned her late model iPhone off on purpose.

Save for the few times she’s let the thing go flat, her phone has never been off since she bought it last October from the Castro Boulevard Telstra shop in Betoota’s historical Latin Quarter.

“Yeah crazy, huh?” remarked Kaytlen Pichot, 23.

“I had like 10 percent left and I had to drive out to Tanbar to look at some flats for an investor, but I knew it wouldn’t last the trip. So guess what? I turned by phone off on purpose because there’s no reception anyway between here and there so yeah, random.”

Ms Pichot said she brought up the topic of turning one’s phone off over lunch today in the office.

Much to her surprise, nobody admitted to doing it – ever.

“My boss spat out part of his Vietnamese pork roll on the carpet he was that shocked,” she said.

“I haven’t had this much blowback on anything since I started wearing my boyfriend’s suits to work so the foreign investors would take me seriously. One of my colleagues said that nobody would buy an off-the-plan apartment from a lady that looked like Ellen DeGeneres’ and Gordon Tallis’ love child.”

More to come.



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