While celebrating a five-year anniversary with her boyfriend today, Betoota millennial Sophie Kinder, naturally reached for Instagram to acknowledge the momentous occasion. However, what happened next has left Betoota in shock.

It was largely assumed, as is common social media practice, that Sophie would refer to his boyfriend as “this one” – as she had done in previous posts throughout their relationship:

– 6 months with this one, couldn’t be happier!!

– Happy Birthday to this one, can’t wait to celebrate many more with you!!

– Con-grad-ulations to this one!!

– Great night at the Betoota Cricket Club Awards night. Couldn’t be prouder of this one!!

However, in an unprecedented move, Sophie went ahead and thanked her boyfriend for the past five years, by naming him in the post – “Five years with Hugh today”.

Betoota’s social media investigator unit have deemed this “social media suicide”, and point to the decrease in likes for this photo compared to her rolling average as evidence.

While yet to get in contact with Sophie, the unit and the rest of the town wants answers.

This latest incident comes on the back of a busy fortnight for Betoota’s social media unit.

Last week, Belle of Betoota was thanking her boyfriend for their two year anniversary. She failed, however, to thank him for “putting up with me”.

Prior to that, a Sunday session at the Betoota Arms was ruined when three females failed to Boomerang their house whites and cured meats board.

More to come.


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