Jacqui Lambie says she heard somewhere, but can’t remember when, that the vague concept of religious law within Islamic communities is the reason why Tasmania doesn’t have any jobs and not much is going on there.

“We are fed up with Shakira law” she roared into a Facebook live video out the front of Burnie Kmart.

A nearby punter responded to these comments.

“Oh baby when she talks like that” said No-Teeth Keith, from the Burnie Royal Hotel, who was approached by our reporters.

“I love Jacqui. She’s going to bring jobs back here. She’s carrying this state on her hip like a busy footy mum. Her hips don’t lie”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that 1.5 percent of the nation’s population is Muslim, and 0.2 of Tasmania’s population.

It’s for this reason, the Tasmanian senator claims, that once bustling industries in the apple island are no longer doing too well.

Lambie says everything was going well until she started noticing people wearing head-covering religious garments.

“We’ve got no jobs! We aren’t allowed to cut down trees anymore. I bet you I know why”

“It’s the varying religious practices of 1.6 billion people. We are sick of it.”

“Remember Beaconsfield? Remember the Tarkine! The 1030 Muslims aren’t helping us bring back jobs!”



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