20 February, 2016. 17:34

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From building sites to boardrooms, the talk on every hard-working Australian’s tongue today has been the private life of one of Australia’s most endearing television personalities.

Earlier today, the embargo on reporting Karl Stefanovic’s relationship with local model and footwear designer Jasmine Yarbrough expired.

It’s the first fling the Today Show host has gone public with since splitting with wife Cassandra Thorburn last year.

Now that it’s in the public domain and the average punter can take ownership of it, an account manager from one of Betoota’s oldest and most prestigious advertising and public relations firms has spent his morning break with phone in hand, wanting to know what your opinion of the whole thing is.

Dave Cornwallace shoved his iPhone 4 in the face of half his department, while they squinted and strained to see a few images of Ms Yarbrough through the cracked screen.

“What do you reckon, mate? She’s a bit of alright,” said the 34-year-old Virgo.

“[laughs] Yeah, bloody Karl knows what’s up. Don’t know about his choice in hat, but. That’s a bit how-ya-goin’.”

One of Dave’s colleagues, who’s asked to remain anonymous, spoke to The Advocate earlier this afternoon regarding Stefanovic’s new relationship.

“I don’t know what he wanted me to say,” he said. “I just got moved here from Perth, I don’t really know who he’s talking about. I only know about Karl from the internet,”

“But yeah but nah, mate. Whatever gets the clicks, I guess. I mean, I work in online advertising. Things like this put food on the table for us.”

More to come.



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