Maverick North Queensland MP The Honourable Bob Katter III has today commended the Turnbull Government for ‘growing a set’ and announcing a royal commission into the banking sector, after Australia’s big four banks wrote to the Treasurer asking for an inquiry to restore public faith in the financial system.

Turnbull fronted media today alongside Scott Morrison MP to declare that he will be receiving a lot less Christmas cards this year.

“Since the financial crisis, there have been examples of misconduct by financial institutions. Some of them extremely serious. And that’s demanded a response from the institutions themselves and from government,” said Mr Turnbull.

“ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac – all eyes on you, motherfuckers”

“Those who need to get got, will get got”


However, Katter, who has been one of the most vocal supporters of banking royal commission has already turned his attention to the next biggest issue facing his electorate.

“Our farmers have had their backs to the wall as a result of stand over tactics from these bastards in Martin Place” he said.

“It’s about bloody time. I commend Turnbull and his cronies for making this decision, may a thousand banking executives go to prison, but I ain’t spending anymore time on it, because in the meantime, every three months, a person is torn to pieces by crocodile in North Queensland”

Turnbull is yet to comment on whether or not he would entertain a Royal Commission into why every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland.


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