Coalition Senator and political flash-in-the-pan Jacinta Price is back at work today, and turning her attention to the real problems after spending months campaigning against an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

First on the agenda is why she can’t get any decent reception on her phone in Canberra.

This comes after the Senator noticed she hadn’t received one phone call or text message from any of her coalition colleagues since the votes were counted after the Indigenous Voice referendum on Saturday night.

While many had predicted that Jacinta Price would be ditched the moment she had expended her political usefulness, the ambitious Senator had high hopes that maybe Peter Dutton would appoint her to some sort of high-profile shadow cabinet position, like maybe the Shadow Minister for Chinese Trade Wars, or the Special Envoy to Ridiculing Trans People.

But so far, the phone has not rung once.

In fact, she hasn’t even received one phone call from her constituents in Central Australia, which leads her to think the Optus must be down or something.

It would have nothing to do with the fact that the vast majority of remote Indigenous communities overwhelmingly voted yes in the referendum – including the community where her own family is from.

In her last media appearance of her career on Saturday night, Price has already dismissed this data as ‘voter fraud’ from the corrupt Electoral Commission Volunteers in mobile booths – as she rejected the findings that showed the yes vote in polling catchments where Indigenous Australians formed more than 50% of the population was, on average, 63% in favour of enshrining an Indigenous voice to parliament.

But, regardless of how her own community voted, the referendum was always going to be defeated by the vast number of non-Indigenous people around the country voting no – after months spent months telling the world that Aboriginal people didn’t want constitutional recognition.

While the No Campaign’s Indigenous spokespeople are clearly not the sole cause of the resounding rejection of The Voice, she has most definitely become a household name off the back of it.

But now the campaign is over, and Jacinta Price probably won’t be needed again – until Peter Dutton needs someone to do a Welcome To Country, or tell the media that Aboriginal people actually love celebrating the day Captain Cook arrived.



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