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Fleeing with just the clothes on their backs, a number of no-voting Warringah seniors only had a matter of minutes to escape the gay which has seemingly won the hearts of 75% of their fellow residents.

Gwendolyn Jackson, 69, said she heard the news echo throughout her Davidson home from the AM radio in the kitchen shortly after 10 am this morning.

It sent a chill down her spine.

“I grabbed a cardigan and hit the road,” she said.

“Didn’t even have time to run back into the bedroom to get my car keys. My husband Brett and I ran all the way here to Epping from the Northern Beaches. It’s safe here in the electorate of Bennelong. We can breathe again,”

“But it was horrible. Both of us got this overwhelming sense of impending doom as they [702 ABC Sydney] said here in Warringah three-quarters of people voted in favour of same-sex marriage. We didn’t feel safe in our own home, we had to get out.”

Mr and Mrs Jackson weren’t the only elderly Warringah residents putting a few clicks on their all-white New Balance sneakers this morning.

Local authorities say they counted upwards of sixty ageing couples making the dash west to Bennelong with a steady stream of Christians behind them.

Police have advised that the gay poses no health risks to greying heterosexual people and couples and that short of staying put in their homes, they advise those feeling threatened by the Yes result to speak to their neighbours and family about it.

More to come.


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