Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has this week renewed his criticism of the Queensland Labor government for not allowing people in NSW and the ACT to attend funerals.

The Minister responsible for the Human Rights Violations currently being committed on both Nauru, Manus, and Christmas Island has come out strong – demanding that the Queensland border closure should end because it is separating families – comments so spectacularly hypocritical that it could have easily been scripted by Clarke and Dawe.

However, despite making a name for his captain’s calls that resulted in two leadership spills at a Federal level, the Member For Dickson is refusing to lead from the front when it comes to allowing Australians stranded overseas back into the country.

Dutton says it is up to the states to take in more returned citizens, and to lift the cap on international arrivals themselves, because ultimately he would prefer to be able to sit back and criticise whatever it is they decide to do – without taking any responsibility for it.

While the Queensland Labor government is accused of being too stringent on keeping their community safe from further outbreaks, and the Victorian Labor government is accused of doing too little to prevent further outbreaks – Dutton remains rather indifferent on the turmoil currently tearing apart the two state Liberal governments in NSW and and SA.

However, he has made it clear he will fire shots at the Liberal state Health Ministers if it means he can avoid the blame for the criminal negligence shown by Border Force in allowing the Ruby Princess to disembark with hundreds of infected passengers in the centre of Sydney’s CBD.

Mr Dutton also defended his agency’s decision to grant federal approval for Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and 11 other family, staff, cast and crew to enter Australia to film a movie in Queensland.

This has not stopped him from joining the chorus of conservative southern media outlets criticising Palaszczuk for the ‘political opportunism’ of securing the AFL Grand Final in Queensland.



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