Rogue South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is expected to rock Australian centre-right politics to its core tomorrow with his resignation from the Liberal Party.

Bernardi is believed to be preparing to to head his own conservative movement, in a stunning move that will make life much harder for the Turnbull government as Parliament returns for the new political year.

Senator Bernardi informed his staff of his decision to defect from the party he has represented in the Senate for a decade. He will join the crossbench as an independent conservative senator for South Australia, fearing that minor parties will continue to rise if right-wing voters aren’t given a ‘respectable’ alternative.

It is believed that first on the agenda for Bernardi’s new political party. A Trump-style wall around Sydney’s rainbow hub of Darlinghurst.

“Darlinghurst isn’t sending us their best people” he said.

“We will build a wall, and the gays will pay for it”

“Obviously, I still don’t support gay marriage. It goes against my conservative interpretation of what weddings look like”

“I never have, and never will, give those gays an inch”

However, one local gay, Tony, says there already is the infrastructure to keep gays in Darlinghurst.

“There already is a Stonewall. It keeps all of us here. Why would you want to go anywhere else? The music is great”


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