6 February, 2016. 11:23

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Michael Pascoe thought he raised his boy on a healthy diet Broncos, Brown Snake and Bitter.

On his 12th birthday last year, he even let him sink a gold tin over lunch. Always curious about his father’s obsession with Pall Malls, the 54-year-old even let him indulge in some lung candy that day.

“I thought I was raising him to be a red-blooded Queenslander like his old man,” he said. “I let him smoke and drink before he even started high school. I gave him the best start any Brisbane boy from The Bay could have.”

“Then today happened. I don’t know where to begin. What did I do wrong? They weren’t any warning signs. It’s all my fault.”

Earlier this afternoon, Michael revealed to The Advocate that he walked in on his now 14-year-old boy watching the SuperBowl – something that made him sick to his stomach.

“I wasn’t angry at him, it wasn’t like I walked in on him with his tongue down his best mate’s throat or something like that. I was angry at myself for not fostering a love of rugby league in him.”

“He used to wear a Bronco’s cap signed by Lockyer. Fuck, the smart arse even had an 8-in-a-row flatcap signed by Brad Fittler. But fuck, the SuperBowl? Christ almighty. I’d rather see him watch a Lions match.”

Mr Pascoe explained that he blames the Jarryd Hayne experiment for his son’s perverse interest in the American sport.

“He should be held accountable. The show pony cunt.”

More to come.


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