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Embattled former politician Clive Palmer was spotted early today in downtown Brisbane sporting a ‘horrifying’ face tattoo in what the Queenslander describes as a bid to prevent finding employment as a company director.

The 63-year-old tried to duck the media leaving his Mineralogy offices around 7am this morning but was snapped by reporters as he got into a waiting car.

“Out of my way!” Palmer shouted at the growing media scrum.

When quizzed about the facial markings, which allegedly spell out ‘Devist8’ [understood to be Mr Palmer’s tag growing up], Clive said they were supposed to be intimidating.

“I need a job but at the same time, I don’t want one,” he said.

“I got these tattoos to make sure nobody would hire me as a company director so I wouldn’t have to be accountable for anything,”

“So far, it’s working.”

The Advocate reached out to various employment agencies, who were able to confirm that they’d been able to find Mr Palmer a number of roles in the diverse and exciting company director job market, but he’s turned them all down.

When asked to provide comment on those allegations, Palmer said the jobs weren’t a good fit for his lifestyle and ambitions.

More to come.


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