31 October, 2016 13:15


The Deputy Prime Minister has stolen the show at the poorly-attended inaugural Parliament House halloween party.

Dressed as Greens Party leader, Richard Di Natale, Barnaby Joyce rocked up to the multi-faith prayer room in the Ministerial Wing wearing a black kashmir turtleneck sweater with a Greens Australia badge as well as marijuana leaf pinned to his chest.

“I just came as the scariest thing I could think of” said Mr Joyce, between explosions of red-faced laughter.

“Talk about witchcraft… Let me tell you about solar power [laughter]”

“Ooog booga!” he roared, while making ghostlike expressions with his fingers.

Other outfits on the night included Christopher Pyne’s attempt at pulling off Peta Credlin, complete with a giant head of long brown hair and cushions in his ‘rump’.

Sam Dastyari seemed to have misunderstood the theme and came dressed as a halal snack pack, he then proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that halal snack packs are cool in Sydney’s inner-west.

Senator Cory Bernardi came dressed as his interpretation homosexual, complete with arseless leather chaps and a policeman’s hat.



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