Betoota stockman, Andy Vandercoup, says that as a full time cattleman he is naturally quite conservative.

He doesn’t care too much for the Queensland Labor Government’s attempts at disempowering his local area by restricting graziers rights to land clearing. He also doesn’t like terrorism.

It is for these reasons, and many others, that he will probably see himself steering away from the major parties in the upcoming state election.

Andy says surprisingly, he is looking towards the far-right on the Australian political spectrum because he reckons the Greens don’t give a shit about him and anyone else in between have their snouts in the trough.

However, there is one problem. Andy is from a long line of Aboriginal stockmen, and doesn’t like being told that his background is undefinable.

“Jeez. Pauline would have my vote in a heartbeat if she didn’t spend 25 years systematically berating my people and blaming us for the suburban white mans problems” he says

“There’s plenty of other people to blame, why me fuck ya”

His comments come after the One Nation Senator said there was no definition of Aboriginal in an interview on the Bolt Report last week.

“What defines an Aboriginal?” Senator Hanson told host Andrew Bolt.

“…if the community or the elders accept you into that community, you can be defined as an Aboriginal”

Andy says that’s not a good way to win over blackfellas.

“Yeah. Look we don’t ask for much. No one really talks about us anyway, so if you are gonna talk about us try and say something that at least suggests we exist”

Last week it was revealed that the NRL Indigenous All Stars Team was to be renamed ‘Undefinable Race Of Generally Better Footballers’ – following these comments made by the ever powerful senator.

Andy has said that Pauline has no respect for the Murris and that he’ll be voting for his Uncle Bob Katter every election forever.



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