Former prime minister Tony Abbott says Australia is not working as it should, and is letting itself down, while talking to different right-wing media and lobbying organisations in his most recent spree of headline chasing.

“It hasn’t been a great year for Australia,” Mr Abbott told the far-wing group of Institute of Public Affairs.

He gave his prescription for winning the next election and indicated he will be standing again because he is literally unemployable outside of politics.

“I’ll be putting my hat into the ring for the Liberal safe seat of Warringah. I might even put my hat into the ring for the federal leadership… If it works out that way [laughter]”

While on 2GB with Ray Hadley, the interview interchanged between making calculated but seemingly off-the-cuff comments about the relatively stable political party that he so badly wants to lead again, Mr Abbott was seen chewing hubba bubba gum and blowing bubbles.

“Mr Abbott please stop chewing that gum so loudly” asked a timid 2GB intern.

The Former Prime Minister was quick to respond to the request with a fart noise with his hand in his armpit.

“Make me!” he sniggered.

“I can assure you I am in no hurry to leave public life because we need strong liberal conservative voices now more than ever,” Mr Abbott said.



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