An absolute pest in a North Queensland pub is managing to be a pest to everyone except the blokes that could really dust him off, it has been confirmed.

The loudmouth real estate agent, who goes by the name of Jordon Kulpy (27) has had too much and is being an absolute punish.

After annoying the pensioners in the front bar, the younger girls in the dining area and the group of tradies in the in the beer garden, Jordon’s own mates are at their wit’s end as to how to deal with him.

“Pull your head in, mate” says one of the blokes in his group.

“You’ll end up winding up the wrong bloke in a second”

Jordon responds by calling his mate fat and throwing an entire bowl of mentos chews across the pokie room, before doing a brown eye through the glass door into the smoking area.

At this stage, Jordon has pissed off just about everyone in the pub, except for the tatted up AJs (military personnel) out the back in the TAB.

“I’m just waiting for him to spill a drink over that way” says one witness.

“Hopefully they give him a proper hiding”

However, Jordon is somehow managing to not attract one skerrick of attention from the army boys.

While swaying down near the greyhound screens and calling his mate Gav a fuckwit from across the room, the AJs haven’t noticed him and if they have they don’t care.

“Either he’s got a pretty reliable autopilot or he’s just very fucking lucky” said Gav.

“He doesn’t seem too concerned by this but it’s very fucking tense for the rest of us”



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