The man that was behind a trust fund set up to fund civil cases against One Nation in the 1990s, which eventually saw Pauline Hanson incarcerated for electoral fraud, has today launched her newest biography in a weird showing of unity.

Tony Abbott, who was sic’d onto Pauline by John Howard when her party began to look like a threat to the Liberals, has today endorsed her as both a politician and a person, after being essentially ostracised by both the left and right wing factions of his own party and not having anything to do or say because gay marriage is now legal.

Pauline Hanson’s first demise was so spectacular that in August 2003, Hanson was jailed after she and her adviser at the time, David Ettridge, were found guilty of fraudulently registering One Nation, in a desperate bid to get back into the spotlight that shone so brightly on her in 1997.

Since her reality TV return to the limelight earlier this decade, Pauline has quite often publicly blamed Mr Abbott for her brief imprisonment for electoral fraud, a conviction that was later quashed.

The book, which doesn’t include nearly as many mentions of cannibalistic Aboriginals and Lesbian Chinese-Indian Prime Ministers as her last book, is titled ‘In Her Own Words’ – and features a book cover that shows Pauline wearing a burkha, which kind of makes it look like she’s secretly been a Muslim this whole time.

Today’s book launch comes 15 years after Senator Hanson was released from prison and was quoted saying “Heaven help this country if Tony Abbott is ever in control of it. I detest the man.”

However, a decade after her release and as several years after Abbott was, in fact, in control of the country. The relationship has changed.

It has been proven before thatxenophobic North Shore elites can quite be prone to getting a little excited by the red-haired former Ipswich Fish and Chip shop owner – like the original One Nation founders Oldfield and Ettridge – both of whom were rumoured to have had a shine for Pauline.

The book has been written by her controversial chief-of-staff James Ashby, who is currently at the centre of her most recent electoral fraud allegations.


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