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The Prime Minister is creeping closer to securing a deal on his big business tax cuts in the Senate today as the fallout from the ball-tampering saga continues to dominate headlines.

Malcolm Turnbull told our reporters that he’s hours away from getting the controversial legislation through the red room, making it law.

He remains hopeful that he’ll get it all put to bed before the nation stops shaking its collective head at Steve Smith and his leadership team of apparent cheats.

“It will be close but I expect to have this all done before people realise what’s happened,” he said.

“The savings these large companies will make on tax will trickle all the way down from the boardroom to the broom handle, I can assure you,”

“If they don’t, I promise to hold some sort of Senate committee, whatever that means, or even another Royal Commission into the banks after this one is done. Enough about that, we’ve created a lot of jobs. Can I tell you about them?”

Our reporter said no.

When The Advocate asked Mr Turnbull if he thought it was ‘unethical’ to push policy through when the public is looking elsewhere, he explained that it’s just politics and that Australians shouldn’t be surprised – or even upset by it.

“It is what it is, then you die,” said Malcolm.

“And that’s about it.”

More to come.




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