A local girl is set to pocket a nice wad of tax-free cash this week as she looks to offload some unused purchases from her time in lockdown.

Like many Aussies that attempted to rebrand their personality during the pandemic, Betoota wedding celebrant Sara-Lee Henderson (25) went looking for a new hobby during those grim months when it was illegal to have a picnic outside with more than four people.

But instead of starting her own home-delivery sourdough business or a handcrafted jewellery side hustle, Sara decided she’d try and have a crack at roller blading, a hobby that astoundingly also failed to inject any luck into her love life.

However, now that life has returned to peak normality and she no longer has to spend her Saturdays sliding around on local netball courts to enjoy a shred of freedom, thanks to the Halloween rush Sara is reportedly having some luck selling her twice used rollerblades on Facebook marketplace.

“I listed them a year ago and got no takers, I bought them brand spanking for $200 but couldn’t get a single offer above $50,” Sara told our reporter.

“I listed them again last night and woke up to 45 messages this morning, people are offering me $300 plus, I even got offered a Swiftie ticket!”

With costume experts predicting Beach Barbie to be the number one most spotted costume this weekend at house parties and club nights around the country, Sara told The Advocate she was planning to take the bag and run.

“There was this one chick from the year below me from school who asked if I’d hire them out at $50 per hour. A little bit of creative scheduling this weekend and I could probably bank over a grand.”

“If only I’d kept my white cowboy hat from the Harry Styles concert back in March, I could flog one of them for about $40 on Marketplace this week too!”

More to come. 


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