A thriving halloween party has taken a tense turn this evening after an uninvited incel decided to turn up and start roleplaying as his character.

The Advocate can report that vibes were initially high at 26 Nolan Street in the French Quarter, as a university share house hosted ‘a gatho’ to celebrate Halloween.

After creating the event on Facebook and including a funny event picture that featured all five housemates badly photoshopped onto the cover of a Scary Movie DVD, it’s alleged over 50 people had clicked attending to the ‘Zom-baes and Chardonnay’ party hosted by some South Betoota Polytechnical College students.

But despite all guests being lightly encouraged to only bring one plus-one, it’s understood housemate Kaleb Meyers (25), had accidentally given the green light for one of his old weird high school mates, ‘Jarrod’, to drop by.

Infamous for being “that guy” who always dresses as Heath Ledger’s Joker to fancy dress parties, Jarrod has built a pretty icky reputation of being the guest that makes everyone feel uncomfortable with his over rehearsed impersonations, and constant licking of lips.

But this year, Jarrod has left his Mum’s purple trench coat in her wardrobe and has instead upgraded to dress as Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.

Deciding to leave his mask on for the entire party, witnesses say Jarrod’s knack for awkwardly hovering around the cheeseboard but not entering any group conversations, and trying to stay in character for the whole party was a real mood killer.

“Honestly if he tells me one more ‘I want to play a game’, I’m going to knock him out with that dumb little tricycle he’s carrying,” said party goer Steph Henry.

“I just want to enjoy one open house party without an incel ruining my night, can’t the creeps just stay home tonight?”

More to come.


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