Gold Logie winner and sparkling water socialist, Waleed Aly has defended his remark on Monday night’s The Project, on that has infuriated administration assistants across the nation.


During a discussion as to why Australian voters were steering away from the major parties, Aly declared that “administration assistants were 100% to blame”

“Untrained white collar employees are the reason this is happening. I have always enjoyed being detached from the uneducated masses, and this is why”

“They are a despicably uncouth basket of deplorables”

Pauline Hanson has already responded to these half-hearted remarks with a press conference in some shithole she was visiting yesterday. 27 cameras were present with seven cylinders of pressurised oxygen to lend to the Federal Senator.

“Anyone who feels ostracised by this man, or anyone who looks like this man, or anyone who wears a suit and sounds smarter than you… Vote for One Nation”

“We will make these uppity tertiary-educated people who know so much stuff pay”

“The media, the politicians they aren’t listening to us”

“One Nation is the only party who knows exactly how it feels to live in a two story rendered brick McMansion with air-con on non-stop and two automatic four wheel-drives that you bought during the mining boom”

“We are the only political party that represents people who aren’t interested in politics but hate the way Malcolm Turnbull pronounces big words’



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