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Hitting back at the recent descent into coffee snobbism, a new local cafe is fighting the trend by offering only instant varieties as well as a number of basic breakfast dishes.

Nathan’s Cafe is the latest addition to West Betoota’s famed Cordillo Street dining strip which already has half a dozen cafes and restaurants.

However, owner operator Nathan Decanter reckons his place has what it takes to lure customers away from the “limp-wristed-$4-a-cup” type joints that have come to infest the district.

“While we’re finishing the kitchen, we’re only offering small artisan dishes for breakfast,” he said.

“The Shearer’s Breakfast has been popular, which includes a smoke, an organic piss and a look about. Coffee is extra. You can throw in a shit and a Blend 43 for $2 extra.”

Complete with instant coffee tins from around the world, the 28-year-old entrepreneur insists they all taste the same and customers shouldn’t worry about getting a nasty shock when sipping on his java.

Instead of baristas and waitstaff, Decanter has installed an endless hot water tap that the customers can help themselves to.

“You can come in and get an International Roast in a styrofoam cup for $1. If you promise to chuck your empty cup in the gutter, we’ll only charge you 50 cents. Also, nothing says ‘cowboy’ like a long black. So if you want milk or sugar, keep walking. There’s plenty of blokes you can kiss down the Fat Blue Duck, or whatever that wanker magnet is called down the street.”

Smoking is also compulsory at Nathan’s – unless you’re pregnant. A collection of dusk masks are available for those who are.

“We might be simple desert folk, but pulling a Chrissie Swan is heavily frowned upon at Nathan’s,” said Nathan.

“If you come in, put a mask on and protect your bub. Look forward to seeing you down here.”

More to come.

Nathan’s Cafe
12 Cordillo Street
Open Monday to Sunday
No holiday closures
(07) 4656 3274


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