Things have gone from bad to worse for Sydney commuters today.

In an unfortunate series of events that epitomise why Sydney is the worst city in the country, a stray tissue has derailed the entire public transport system this evening.

It’s believed the used tissue was discarded earlier today, and due to the strong August winds found it’s way onto a track just outside Central, causing the whole system to shut down.

The backing up of carriages to Redfern in the south and over the Harbour Bridge in the north, has had a flow-on effect, stalling the citie’s buses, ferries and light rail today.

Following this mornings chaos, the latest delay has angered many in the Developers Republic of Sydney, plenty of whom are sitting in idle carriages as this point in time.

The boss of Sydney Transport has yet to comment on the latest bed shit but the state’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian has issued a statement on the debacle.

“Obviously it’s frustrating, and we are sorry about the inconvenience,” she said.

“But we are only a few more of these away from being able to convince the public, that the transport system would be better off in private hands,” she said.

“So bare with us please.”


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