A local headmaster is treating himself to a 5 o’clock shower this afternoon it can be confirmed.

The principal of Betoota Base Public down in the Old City district named Graham Wasson, is doing so after a big final day to Book Week.

Book Week 2019 has resulted in a full-on few days for the nation’s educators, parents and primary school students.

That’s lead to Wasson heading down to his local watering hole and vocally declaring his desire to knock over a couple of cold ones on a Friday afternoon.

“Few thousand schooners with my name on em this afternoon ha ha,” laughed the father of 4 pointing to the brand name on the generic schooner glass used across the Eastern Seaboard.

“Get it?” he asked the young bar employee-run off her feet during happy hour.

Realising the joke she nodded and smiled, quietly impressed by the wordplay.

Wasson then walked off to run the material past a few of his old mates who had joined him down there this afternoon.


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