Things have gone from bad to worse for the South African cricket team today, after management confirmed a new ban has been put in place.

The people in charge of the organisation that loves to fumble the bag at World Cups have decided to ban all players from playing with small items like marbles, coins and small bits of lego.

The ban comes in an effort to prevent the players from getting the items lodged in their throats, given their propensity for choking on things.

That new preventative policy comes after the South Africans where struck by a horrific bout of choking in front of 10s of thousands of people last night.

Taking the field for another World Cup Semi-Final last night, the team managed to do what they do best on the biggest stage – choke.

The latest chapter in the long history of the mentality minnows falling over at a major tournament came after the Australians powered home with 3 wickets to spare.

The comfortable win that never had any Australian fans in doubt came after Pat Cummins’ team chased down 212 in the easiest run chase you’ll ever see.

Australia will now move on to play India in the final of the World Cup, with the host nation well and truly overdue for a big loss.

More to come.


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