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Bar staff at the bustling French Quarter pub ‘The Badgers Arms’ have this week offered some words of encouragement to a beloved staff member, after learning the poor sod was about to embark on his three months of slavery, should he wish to extend his working visa – also known as the dreaded ‘fruit picking.’

As roughly 80% of the staff working behind the bar come from either Ireland, Scotland or England, it’s understood that the room went quiet after Ryan Doyle announced he’d be stationed in regional Queensland, and living on site.

Which means he’d pretty much making fuck all the entire time.

“Aw mate you’ll be right, think of the tan you might finally get, you pasty fuck”, offered Jamie, a Scottish expat who’d done his stint six months ago, “just don’t count the days and you’ll be fine.”

“Oh totally, just don’t keep of track of time, and try to make friends!”, added Sophie, who did a rather painful stint with a very leery farmer last year.

“It’ll be okay.”

More to come.


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