Fast food franchise Hungry Jacks have fired a another shot in the Burger Wars today.

The burger chain has revealed a new range of frozen sugar fat, suspiciously called the JackFlurry.

Featuring 25% more pig fat, the JackFlurry is the latest stab at rivals McDonalds.

The new product launch follows a big day in court, where the chain duelled with McDonalds over their controversial Big Jack burger.

After 3 long years of giving corporate lawyers lots of money for arguing about the stupidest shit ever, McDonalds were told that Hungry Jacks could steal the concept of the Big Mac and make it a Big Jack.

As a result of that win, it’s believed Hungry Jacks are now emboldened to name an entire range of products after their competitors.

Despite claiming that ‘the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks,’ the fast food chain are set to launch parallel versions of all popular McDonalds items.

It’s believed the JackCrispy, JcNuggets, Grand Jack Angus, the Quarter Jack Pounder and the Bacon and Egg JcMuffin will be the first items to join the new JackFlurry.

More to come.


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