The small town of Casmore is this week revelling in some serious excitement.

Famous for being the home of the ‘real’ Big Magpie, Casmore is currently buzzing with some huge news.

It’s believed that Graham and Leslie’s daughter Cassie Wilson has got herself ‘one of those OnlyFans accounts…’

That’s the word on the main street of town and in family group chats anyway.

Normally a town that has very little going on, things like a young woman starting an OnlyFans account to make some coin is something that really gets tongues wagging.

It’s believed the topic is now the most gossiped about news in town since the Mayor Rob White got busted bumping uglies with Cheryl from town planning one cold Thursday winter evening in the Council Chambers.

While that rumour tore the White’s apart, it provided very bored locals with a topic of conversion for months on end.

Since that fateful day in 2018, there have been a number of scandals in town related to all manner of cheating, fighting and stealing, but nothing has moved the needle like this recent news.

It’s alleged by some of the blokes in town that they’ve come across the account, which they had to investigate for journalistic purposes of course.

Much has been made of the recent break up with one of the members of the First Grade Hornets Rugby League team, but it’s believed that Cassie has entered a new abrasive phase of sticking it to the bored rednecks and white picket fence chasers around town.

Cassie has yet to provide comment on the issue, but some are speculating an explosive post with full nudity covered up by a couple of stars and some aggressive insults aimed at the people trying to bring her down are just around the corner.

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