An unspoken shock and horror permeated through A Betoota family household this evening, as mum reveals that she has steered away from the staples.

As is commonly accepted within the family, Dad can nail the oriental style cuisines and grilled meat – while Mum is a master of the homely baked meals, casseroles and pastas.

These favourites are completely acceptable on any given night of the week, and the kids encourage their parents to play to their strengths.

However, mum is always searching for a new thing, and is often attempting to expand her cooking skillset in leaps and bounds, rather than taking it slow.

That’s why her declaration that she has tried something new actually sounds more like a confession.

No one says anything, and mum does not want to reveal too much, but yes, it’s not something she’s never cooked before and you should know that.

Everyone waits politely to see what it is, only to learn it involves seafood and an oven – two things that shouldn’t necessarily be mixed unless we are dealing with absolute pros.

The family grits their teeth and powers through the sloppy, wet, inconsistent an potato-heavy concoction that has obviously appeared on Instagram somewhere.

With no real feedback other than the generously empty plates, mum accepts this was far too experimental and gives her blessing for some ice cream and milo.


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