A local Betootan has already learnt so much about herself during her worldly travels.

Leaving from The Rose of Betoota International Airport & Bistro, Kate Flanel (20) learnt about human sacrifice and perspective before her flight touched down in Thailand.

Primarily, Flannel learnt that she will do anything for the gram including spending 11 hours with a stiff, unfoldable wide brim hat on her lap, taking up a large portion of her already scarce personal space.

“I couldn’t get my tray table down without risking a permanent crease to the brim,” stated Flanel, referencing her $550 hat that requires more care and maintenance than most species of dog.

“Jess who was sitting next to me suggested I use [the hat] as a table but any crumbs can damage the fabric and these can get a ring stain if they’re even in the shadow of a glass.”

“I couldn’t put it on my head because it was too big for the headrest and no way was I putting it in overhead with those bags that have touched the floor.”

As traumatising as the plane trip was for Flanel, after two days of Thai sun, banana pancakes and thousands of “candid” photos, her sacrifice was well worth it.

“I’ve put some local shells and leaves in the woven band,” stated Flanel, feeling so relaxed by her holiday she temporarily forgot about Australian customs.

“See how good it looks in this photo? Worth it.”

When our reporting team explained to Flanel that she could have purchased a similar hat in Thailand for a fraction of the price and hassle, she laughed at us before stating the travellers kinship she shares with her hat.

“It goes everywhere with me.”


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