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A woman returning home for the holidays has already had her self esteem seriously eroded, after being met with a series of barbed comments from her family.

Speaking to The Advocate, Leslie Durnham, 32, says that now that she’s only able to see her family roughly once a year after making the move to Western Australia,  there’s a ‘long gap between appearance changes’ – meaning that the inevitable small signs of ageing that go unnoticed when you see someone often now appear a lot more obvious.

Leslie is alleged to have popped by her grandparents for some lunch when her nan had greeted her first with a hug, which was followed quickly with a curious scan of her face.

“You’ve started to get crows feet”, quipped Nana Rose, forgetting that she herself had lines next to her eyes so deep, you could swipe a credit card through them, “still pretty though!”

More to come.


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