A local boyfriend has been off with the fairies this afternoon after finding himself within a 10-metre radius of one of his childhood heroes.

Seated with nine members of his family at the Pacific Hotel in Yamba, The Advocate can report that Shaun Tallis (32) currently resembles someone that needs to be taken off for HIA, dazed after spotting a former NRL hero in the wild.

Only seconds away from tucking into his fisherman’s basket, it’s believed Shaun’s ability to contribute anything of value to a lunch conversation was completely shot when NRL cult figure Brian Sperrigan (57) strolled into the pub nonchalantly, and sat down with his own family.

“Oi did you see him?” Shaun whispered to his Uncle Steve sitting diagonally opposite him, “Sperro is over there, he’s just behind you…”

With eyebrows raised, Uncle Steve, also an NRL tragic, skilfully pulled off the classic “twist-in-the-chair stretch” as he pretended to look for a TV playing the cricket.

“Jeez it is too…” responded Steve, interrupting the flow of serious family conversation centred on when the Williams family should put their 85-year-old Nanna into a nursing home.

Clearly not engaged in the family chat, it took a firm knee squeeze from Shaun’s girlfriend Phoebe to bring her boyfriend back to the present moment.

“Babe, what’s up?” Phoebe whispered, as she leaned over and stole a chip from his plate.

“Yep, yep, I just spotted someone I think I know…” Shaun responded

Keen to get a full-frontal view of the man who inspired him to practice his goose-steps in the backyard every day after school, Shaun proceeded to get up and do two awkward laps of the bistro pretending to find the bathroom.

Copping a glimpse of Sperrigan in the wild, Shaun briefly considered approaching the bloke for a selfie, before sensibly deciding to act like an adult and mind his own business.

More to come.


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