Former Hey Hey It’s Saturday regular and Skyhooks guitarist, Red Symons, has today confirmed all rumours about the colour of his neck, and how it is responsible for his nickname, after making a series of bizarre and racially loaded comments in an interview on his ABC radio show this morning.

An edited version of Symon’s spicy interview with quizzing podcast host Beverley Wang was broadcast on Melbourne Radio, but the full audio was only just released by Wang herself overnight. Wang was speaking about her podcast “It’s Not A Race” when Symons said he had a similar idea for a segment.

“Except my segment was called ‘What’s the deal with Asians?'”

A minute later, he asked Wang: “Are you yellow?”

Moments later Red was met with a live-caller asking him “What about you Red? are you Red? What’s the colour of your fucking neck?”

It is believed the aggressive caller was talking about Symons’ neck.

“Well, yes. You heard my comments. Where do you think my name came from?”

More to come.


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