A seemingly-lighthearted but oddly specific note left on the office fridge is pretty much only directed at one employee, it has been confirmed.

While it was apparently placed on the door as a ‘simple reminder of etiquette for everyone’ – it also seems to delve a little bit into the home life one specific individual.

Judging by the mentioned of ‘how things work at home’ and referring to the entire office with a singular word like ‘mate’ – the entire office has come to the conclusion that the note was solely directed at Jason from accounts, who still lives with his mum.

“The crumbled tasty cheese that he’d tried to grate with a blunt knife sat their for days” said Sarah from the front desk.

“You’d think his mum would go the whole way and give him some grated cheese for the spag bol she made him”

Jason, however, is basking in his own ignorant bliss. The unhygienic 29-year-old is completely unaware that the note was mostly written about him.

“I tend to agree with whoever wrote that” he says.

“The place can look like a pigsty somethimes”


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