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An East Betoota mother of three received her branded Thermomix bomb suit in the post earlier this week, but still isn’t game to try making dinner tonight with the Thermomix.

Jenny Cockburn, a former portfolio manager at Macquarie Private Wealth’s Jundah office, spoke to The Advocate a short time ago about her apprehensions about using her trendy all-in-one food maker.

“You see all the negative press about these things. About them popping open and burning people,” said the 49-year-old homemaker.

“I don’t want to be whipping up a curry one minute, then wake up in the hospital a week later looking like a dropped lasagne. Thermomix sent me out a blast suit to wear when I’m cooking, but I still don’t think that’d be enough if it all went pear-shaped,”

“Maybe I’m over-reacting. It’s a fine product and I know they like to sue people who put shit on the Thermomix, so yeah. Food tastes great and all. But you know what they say, big rewards come from big risk.”

The Advocate reached out to Thermomix for comment, but have yet to receive a reply.

However, we did send a journalist undercover to a Thermomix party, where prospective buyers meet with brand consultants and learn how to use the product.

After asking a number of trying questions regarding the safety of the device, our reporter was taken out the back and had a Glock 23 put under her chin and told to shut up.

More to come.


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