As property prices continue to surge around the country, the Sunshine State has today asked our leaders to introduce some controversial new regulations.

Queenslanders have this week requested that the Premier introduce a new rule banning anyone from down south owning property north of the Tweed.

Aimed at stopping cashed-up Sydneysiders and Melbournians from pricing Queenslanders out of their communities, it’s hoped the new legislation will help first home buyers not have to move hours inland.

This follows property prices exploding in Queensland, with properties going up 2.9% in December alone.

Places like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast now cost at least 30% more than this time a year ago.

As a result, it’s hoped the new foreign ownership ban might do something to slow the outrageous growth of the property bubble.

“I know they’ve got all their money to spend because of the absurdity of property prices down south, but they can spend on their own coastal towns and cities,” explained Coomera man Tugun Ormeau today.

“I’m not worried about cashed-up investors from overseas, I’m worried about the rich southerners buying everything up in Queensland and forcing the next generation to pay exorbitant rent or move at least a hundred clicks out west.”

Addressing the legality of blocking fellow Australians from buying property in Queensland, Ormeau explained that if we can shut the border for months on end, surely we can stop them from astronomically inflating housing prices.

“Just gotta tell the Premier that there are votes in it, and they’ll hate it down in Sydney and Melbourne,” he laughed.

“No selling off our state to foreign owners!”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has yet to respond to the proposed new regulations.

More to come.


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