In a startling revelation this festive season, the Cherry Ripe bar found itself once again forgotten admits the grand assembly of Cadbury Chocolate stocking stuffer treats. 

Reports confirm the Cherry Ripe was relegated to the bottom of the stuffing hierarchy, with insiders citing its weird blend of dark chocolate and cherries as a ‘divisive’ flavour profile, where one either loves it, or absolutely fucking hates it. 

Cabury, in response, stated, “We value diversity in our stocking stuffing selections. However, the Cherry Ripe’s polarising taste has led to strategic placement as we know 9/10 times it tends of be discarded of.” 

Outraged Cherry Ripe enthusiasts have taken to social media, demanding fair representation for the misunderstood bar.

“Cherry Ripe slaps” one superfan supporter tweeted. 

More to come.


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