New parents Lauren and Toby are ready to give their little bundle of joy the best possible life they can, with exception to the footy team they will be forced to follow as dad can no longer suffer alone.

In his Betoota Heights home, Toby explained how he was able to get footy team rights for his baby as long as he forfeited naming rights to his partner Lauren.

“Like Harper-Olivia here is our newest Tigers fan,” stated Toby while playing an orange and black beanie on his daughter’s head.

Despite the choice of the football team, Toby is certain he will give little Harper-Olivia the best opportunities he can in life, with the exception of the choice to support a footy team that wins things.

While interviewing Toby about how his little girl is the best thing to happen to him since 2005, the new dad caught wind of the tone of the article we were writing and asked us to leave.

“I get it, you have a quota of articles you have to write per week and Tigers beat ups get you the clicks. Really fucking original buddy, that journalism degree going to good use then?”

When our reporter Louis Burke pointed out he doesn’t have a journalism degree, Toby told him he was therefore overqualified to be on NRL 360 and slammed the door in our face.


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