While many around the country are taking cheap potshots at Optus, the giant telco has received some unexpected support.

Bleeding money and customers, Optus have weirdly been given a pat on the back by some well-recognised economists.

Money men have reportedly discovered that Optus have nearly singlehandedly solve the nation’s inflation crisis – but destroying the consumer market on Wednesday.

The national outage resulted in countless businesses having to shut up shop or ask for cash, after having critical issues with their Point of Sale machines.

While a major blow to the businesses effected by the outage, economists say the huge dive in spending has nearly solved the inflationary pressures being placed upon the market.

“They should have waited till next week,” said proud Optus exec Bill Smithes on the recent decision of the RBA to further hike the interest rates.

Bill joined the Optus executive committee after the Optus’ cyberattack debacle last year.

Bill was brought in to inject and propagate positive work culture in the company.

His LinkedIn profile description even reads, ‘All misfortunes are a blessing in disguise.’

However with layoffs looming large and blessings far and in between, Bill’s broad grins might only last as long as the sugar hit from the economic influencing.

More to come.


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